Fine Dry Cleaning
We carefully inspect all your garments for stains and look for open seams, cracked buttons and loose threads, and then we repair them. We use the latest methods to restore your items to their best condition, including hand finishing. And we pack to preserve the pressing and protect the garment.
Expert Stain Removal and Garment Restoration
We guarantee our work. If you’re not completely satisfied with our cleaning or finishing services, we will reprocess the items for free.
Wet Cleaning
Committed to excellence through old-world craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, we offer the finest and most eco-friendly service available. We have been wet cleaning for years, and our staff is highly skilled. We constantly research, test and update our methods to stay ahead of the curve.
Couture Cleaning
Special garments receive the royal treatment by our most skilled craftsmen. All cleaning and pressing is done by hand, so your treasured garments are returned looking like the day they were bought.
Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation
Wedding gowns are priceless treasures and should be treated as such. Your gown is searched inch-by-inch for stains and minor repairs. Then it is meticulously hand cleaned and hand finished. Finally, your gown is packed in an acid-free preservation box and stuffed with acid-free tissue paper to maintain its shape. Call for an in-store or at-home consultation.
Shirt Laundering
All shirts are cleaned with eco-friendly soaps. Collars and cuffs are all gently hand scrubbed. Our process is extra gentle to prevent broken buttons and color loss. Choose your starch preference, too: none, light, medium or heavy. Your shirt can be machine or hand-pressed and returned on a hanger or folded. This service is for our regular dry cleaning customers only.
Tailoring, Alterations and Invisible Weaving
For anything from minor repairs to major restyling, our tailoring staff can come to your home or office or you can come to the shop. Our experienced tailors have access to the best equipment to provide quality work. Call us today to give your wardrobe the custom-fitted look. We also offer reweaving for tears, moth damage or burns.
Household Items
Draperies, tablecloths and bed linens – we service any type of drapery, bed linens and tablecloths. All our work is packed or folded to prevent creases. On-site service is also available.
Wash & Fold
Save time with our laundry service and provide fresh clean clothes for the whole family. Your clothes are separated, sorted, washed and folded, then packed individually by item type and color. We use the best detergents, including Tide, Downy, 7th Generation, Dreft and Ecover. Special requests are welcomed. This service is for our regular dry cleaning customers only.
Leather, Suede, Handbag, Fur Cleaning and Storage
We offer cleaning and conditioning of all your leather and suede goods. We also clean and store all types of furs year ’round.
Rug Cleaning and Shampooing
We clean all sizes of area rugs and provide free pickup and delivery.
Our services are available anywhere you go. Give us a call or send us an e-mail, then just ship to us and we’ll clean and re-ship via Fedex. Traveling? We can clean, pack and ship your travel wear to your destination. Once your trip is over, ship your clothes back and have them cleaned and delivered to your home.
Free Pickup and Delivery
Save time and a trip to the cleaners. All our services are available for home or office delivery – at no charge, of course. Set a regular schedule or call as needed.